Financial Results

"2010 was a year for the record books. Our revenue, operating profit, net income, and gross margin were all the highest in Intel's history. Growth opportunities, our strong product lineup, and our industry lead in manufacturing process technology give me confidence that 2011 will be even better."

Paul S. Otellini, President and Chief Executive Officer


  • Net Revenue

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    Net Revenue Graph
  • Diluted Earnings Per Share

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  • Geographic Breakdown of Revenue

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  • Dividends Per Share Paid

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  • Capital Additions to Property, Plant and Equipment

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    Research and Development

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Past performance does not guarantee future results. This Annual Report to Stockholders contains forward-looking statements, and actual results could differ materially. Risk factors that could cause actual results to differ are set forth in the "Risk Factors" section and throughout our 2010 Form 10-K, which is included in this Annual Report.

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